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The World's First Life Water Made From French Wine

Sparkling Eau de Vin® 
At NouvEau™  we heartily encourage sipping, mixing, and pouring our new luxury beverage for yourself and guests. Our zero-calorie gently sparkled water from wine is sustainable botanical sourced for a purity and freshness unfound in even the most expensive waters. Between fall and spring and after the wine harvest, Eau de Vin is made from the grapes of wine, vitis vinifera, assuring utmost quality. That's right, we make water from wine!

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This rare product of France is an ultra-pure, zero-alcohol, zero-calorie beverage sourced with taste and luxury in mind. The world’s first water made purely from the grapes of French wine, it is unsurpassed by any other water. The patented beverage is produced each season after the wine harvest and has a freshness and deliciousness that you'll have to taste to believe.  The elegnace of France is yours with Sparkling Eau de Vin.

Sparkling Eau de Vin
Sparkling Eau de Vin 350ml BottlePure Ingredients

Present style, purity, and class at your next dinner party. The high-end packaging of our single-serving, 375-ml half claret bottle elicits conversation and fits right in to the best of all occasions. When real quality matters, its worth the time to serve Sparkling Eau de Vin. Made from the grapes of French Wine, our sparkling beverage boasts "au naturale" with no alcohol, calories, artificial preservatives, or flavorings.

Pure Ingredients
Sparkling RedNatural Process

Anti-oxidant Life Water. Stay calm and tuned in with Sparkling Red Eau de Vin®, with all ingredients made purely from wine. A delicious natural health and recreational performance drink, it has more wine anti-oxidants and resveratrol per serving than most red wines. With the health benefits of wine without the alcohol, it exacts a positive effect on behavioral performance. The perfect health and recreational drink when you want to stay calm, cool and focus on your action. With a touch of natural grape sugar to sweeten, it includes potassium electrolytes of wine. Market ready in cabernet red and chardonnay white, purely from wine.

Natural Process

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